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Estate Planning, Administration, and Probate

Implementing an estate plan allows you to determine how to distribute assets, authorize medical care, and allocate family responsibilities after you die or become mentally incapacitated. The wealthy are not the only persons that should have estate plans in place. Everyone should consider it a necessity to address these issues. At a minimum, you should put an appropriate health care power of attorney or durable power of attorney in place. Your decision to do so is an act of love for your family, removing from them the burden of determining what you want. Furthermore, it prevents the state from determining the distribution of your assets without regard to your wishes or your beneficiaries’ needs.


As a former Certified Financial Planner ™, I can view the "big picture" when working your estate plan, helping you to understand how the pieces of your financial plan and estate plan interact to achieve your goals. While I do no longer maintain my CFP designation or perform financial advisory services, I  can offer generalized assessments and advice on whether the assets associated with your estate plan are adequately diversified and appropriately titled to achieve your financial and estate planning goals.

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I offer comprehensive estate planning services.

Without an estate plan, the Commonwealth of Kentucky decides who receives what portion of your estate. Estate plans are vital for anyone desiring to control how their assets are distributed and discourage future family disputes. Additionally, a properly crafted estate plan can help minimize estate taxes if they apply to your estate.

I use a broad range of tools to craft your estate plan. Each addresses the varied estate issues that may be encountered and help ensure your legacy is one of love and support and not one of family conflict. These tools include, but are not limited to:

  • Wills and living trusts

  • Health care powers of attorney

  • Estate tax planning

  • Asset protection

  • Probate administration

  • Trust administration

  • Prenuptial agreements

Contact me if you want to discuss your estate planning needs. You may book an initial consultation by selecting the Book link, or complete the inquiry form below and I will contact you directly.

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