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Today, We Thank Those Who Served

I am honored to have spent twenty-three years on active duty as a United States Air Force Officer, and I salute all my fellow veterans on this Veterans Day. My family has a long list of veterans. Both my grandfathers, Bill France (USA) and Robert Sullivan (USN), were World War II veterans and my step-father and five of my uncles served during or just after Vietnam. That tradition of service continues with my son, Evan, a USAF 1st Lieutenant who graduates from Air Force Pilot Training next week.

I am proud to advocate for my fellow veterans. Too many of my fellow veterans are facing challenges for which they are unprepared. To help, I provide legal services to ensure they receive their deserved VA benefits, upgrades with discharges where appropriate to provide eligibility for benefits, and advocating for them in non-service-related issues. I offer pro-bono services where necessary and believe my services can help the veteran.

I urge everyone reading this to take one action this year to help a veteran. That action can be direct or indirect, public or private. Indirect actions include donating to a veterans service organization or charity this year. You can be more direct by participating in a veteran outreach event in your community. Private actions can simply be befriending a veteran, giving them someone to talk to, and someone they know is in their corner. It is difficult to overestimate what these simple actions can do.

So one last time, to my fellow veterans and their families, because they serve too, thank you, and I'm proud to number you among my friends.

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